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Envisioning Ideas: from conceptual to Completion

Caledonia Builders, Inc.

Caledonia Builders, Inc. utilizes its in Depth Knowledge and experience in Planning, Construction Services, Pre-Construction Services, Design Build, Construction Management and General Construction to establish a viable investment for the development of residential and commercial projects in a diverse environment.

CBI Approach is by Establishing Objectives Identifying Risks Managing Visions Maximizing Value


CBI Services: Planning & Development, Pre-Construction Services, Design Build, Construction Management and General Contracting.

Planning and Development

Caledonia Builders, Inc. provides planning services to effectively determine the levels of risk to a project and investment. Key factors are: Market conditions, investment returns, availability of capital, obstacles, government and community relations as well as the physical construction of the project.

Caledonia Builders, Inc. consistently researches market sales to forecast future development opportunities thru its real estate agent advisors. CBI’s also has in depth understanding of governmental affairs and policies through extensive experience working with Federal, state and Local governmental agencies such as HUD, PHA, PHFA, RDA, NBHA and others.

Caledonia Builders, Inc. analyzes demographics, spending and employment trends to determine demand of a specific project. Caledonia Builders, Inc. studies the competitive supply of comparable projects existing and planned, to determine the financial viability and structure of a proposed plan and investment

CBI analyzes the obstacles to the plan including benefits and potential zoning changes, civic and government engagement, conceptual costs and scheduling as a means to alleviate risks. CBI studies potential zoning changes that may add or decrease value of the project. CBI also engages the community through a series of meetings to outline potential plans, receive feedback and to garner support for the project.

With the proper due diligence, CBI can establish acquisition and development strategies that maximize value. A clear plan based on CBI’s planning services will minimize risk in terms of time, costs and returns.

When combined with CBI’s planning services, a partner/ investor or a client can cultivate a strong and clear lines of communication from the earliest stages of development. CBI’s proven techniques of project controls during development allow partner-investors or clients to concentrate on the overall vision of the project while CBI manages the day-to-day process.

CBI believes that smooth program development and construction performance depends to a large extent on the quality of the program as well as the design contract plans and specifications. CBI provides in-depth reviews and the management of the design process to analyze and evaluate program feasibility and construct ability to identify and eliminate ambiguities that would unnecessarily contribute to construction overruns, delays and disputes.

Pre-construction Services

Caledonia Builders, Inc. skilled staff produces preliminary schedules and budgets for continual refinement of a program scope. CBI also maintains a continuous link between project scope and budget by introducing cost saving opportunities while maintaining the quality of a project.

Caledonia Builders, Inc. ensures quality and value at the subcontractor level through a complete assessment of the construction documents with the architect to achieve the client’s development goals within budget and schedule considerations.

Design Built.

Caledonia Builders, Inc. establishes an effective procurement plan, which is best, suited for the end product, budget and schedule. CBI has developed projects utilizing design-bid-build, design-assist and design-build scenarios. CBI also has been successful in the recruitment of the local, small and disadvantages businesses to be part of the development process

Construction Management

Caledonia Builders, Inc. manages construction costs through a thorough understanding of budgeted costs, which is developed through our review of contract documents, specifications and cost estimates. Caledonia Builders, Inc. constantly analyzes value-engineering opportunities in design and construction. Caledonia Builders, Inc. utilizes Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling as a means to track progress on a project. Caledonia Builders, Inc. also manages change orders with the contractor and the architect to avoid claims and disputes.

Services include: Cost Estimating, Management, Contract Negotiation, Monitoring, Labor Compliance and Quality Control. Value Engineering, Coordination, Design Management, Scheduling, Financing Coordination, Budget development and Administration, Construction and Change Order Management, Operation and Maintenance Planning.

Caledonia Builders, Inc. provides construction management services, along with the construction experience of our in house experienced staff and or a respected joint venture partner when necessary, to provide owners with a reliable ally to control the entire development process. As construction manager, Caledonia Builders, Inc. manages costs, schedules, and quality controls on behalf of the Owner.

General Contacting

During construction Caledonia Builders, Inc. monitors and documents all activities including safety and conformance with plans and specifications, as part of a total quality control program. Caledonia Builders, Inc. prepares for post construction activities at the onset of the project, including preparing for certificates of occupancy, early creation and monitoring of punch list items as well as preparation of the operation and maintenance manuals and training.

Services Includes Cost Estimating, Budget Management, Contract Negotiation, Resource Management, Safety Monitoring, Labor Compliance and Quality Control.

budget set by our client without the need to go thru the process of any value engineering.

Notable Achievements

Our project team consists of planning, design, construction and technology specialists that bring a holistic approach to our projects. Notable achievements of the team include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Participation in the design, construction or construction management of projects totaling over $180 million in value.
  • Involvement with award winning projects: (See Dan Achek – Summary of Experience)
    • Station House – 1998
    • Villas Del Caribe – 2001
    • Casa Caribe- A Nursing Home Project 1998
    • Rittenhouse School Transformed in a Nursing Home -1997
  • Public Housing experience (Pennsylvania and New Jersey)
  • Private (residential and commercial) experience (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland)
  • Minority owned business– No



The Founder and President of Caledonia Builders, Inc., an award winner of (5) Five Outstanding Design Awards (3) in the Tri State area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware and (2) National Awards. Mr. Achek possesses over 37 years of experience in the architectural, engineering and construction industry both in a national and international market and is responsible for guiding the growth of the corporation while directly involved with all aspects of the Planning, development Design and Construction process. Mr. Achek focuses his efforts on promoting the growth of the company with new project and partnership opportunities. He has established and managed successful Caledonia Builders, Inc. business relationships with private investors, public agencies and community groups. Mr. Achek responsibilities have included Planning, Development, design, design build and construction, review and implementations of plans for lead hazard control. Mr. Achek has performed Construction Administration, Physical Need Assessment, Zoning Board Hearings, development of projects from programming through construction.


Vice President Highly skilled General Contractor and Construction Manager versed in on-site supervision. Proven ability for managing labor teams and subcontractors, with more than 20 years in the industry and a robust record of accomplishment for ensuring client satisfaction. Deep knowledge of building code and construction regulations. Mr. Periera's HIGHLIGHTS Mr. Pereira has an Excellent ability for project estimating and scheduling with Proven ability to lead diverse teams of labor and sub-contractors He has a full depth of knowledge to deliver multiple Residential and Commercial construction projects at the same time with a Sound understanding of materials, equipment and construction procedures. Mr. Pereira has a Profound knowledge of local building codes and regulations. and had Delivered 100% projects on time.

Jose Pereira

Mr. Gomez is an Industrial engineer ranked top 10% of class with a high specialization in finance with a High skills in auditing and supervising financial statements and vast knowledge of business operations and management, with more than 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur and more than 7 in the public and private sector.Mr. Gomez has a Proven ability in leading teams and diverse strategic projects for business development. Results and detailed oriented professional. Mr. Gomez's HIGHLIGHTS Mr. Gomez has a Vast experience in financial analysis and modeling with Excellent ability for bookkeeping and data analysis. He also has a Proven ability to lead teams and strategic project with a Profound knowledge of business and operation management.

Martin L. Tang Gomez